Helium Tanks


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  • Rental does not include Balloons, Ribbon or Helium gauge.
  • DO NOT inhale helium – it may cause serious injury or death.
  • By law, unused Helium in a tank cannot be resold.
  • Refunds for any unused helium cannot be issued.


    Inflates 9″Inflates 11″ 
Helium Tank & AccessoriesPart #BalloonsBalloonsPrice
Helium Tank, 20 Cubic FeetR7742$89.50
Helium Tank, 40 Cubic Feet4017797$109.00
Helium Tank, 80 Cubic FeetQ286157$163.00
Helium Tank, 125 Cubic FeetDEY440242$179.00
Helium Tank, 150 Cubic FeetS554305$255.00
Helium Tank, 250 Cubic FeetK881485$330.00
Helium Tank, 300 Cubic FeetT1180650$460.00
Regulator , Without GaugeBRC-3858$5.00
Regulator , With GaugeVR-3858G$12.00
Helium Tank Dolly, Black$10.00
*Unused Helium is Non-Refundable. State Law prohibits us from reselling unused helium. No refunds will be issued.

Expanded Helium Tank Chart