Frame Tents


Frame tents are held up by a pipe structure and require minimal staking. They have no center poles and can be set up on any surface such as grass, pavement, concrete, patios and sometimes even decks. Water barrels can sometimes be used to anchor frame tents for those who prefer not to stake. Customer must order water barrels at time of placing order.

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Don’t let the rain or heat stop you from having your party. Stay cool and dry under one of Big Top’s tents.

  • Allow an additional 10 feet to each dimension for staking.
  • Sidewalls are not included and are rented separately.
  • Our prices include set up.
  • Delivery Charges are based on delivery location.


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10'x10' (10 People), 12'x12' (15 People), 10'x20' (20 People), 10'x30' (30 People), 10'x40' (40 People), 15'x15' (22 People), 15'x30' (45 People), 15’x45’ (60 People), 20’x20' (40 People), 20’x30’ (60 People), 20’x40’ (80 People), 20’x80’ (160 People), 30’x30’ (90 People), 30’x45’ (140 People), 30’x60’ (180 People), 30’x75’ (200 People), 40’x40’ (160 People), 40’x50’ (200 People), 40’x60’ (240 People), 40’x70’ (280 People), 40’x80’ (320 People), 40’x90' (360 People), 40’x100’ (400 People), 40’x120’ (480 People)