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Important Reminders Regarding Your Upcoming Rental  

 With Your Upcoming Rental, Here are Some Important Reminders and Tips from Big Top Party Rental

    1. Emergency Phone Number: If you have any questions or issues at any time during your rental we have a 24-hour emergency hotline number you can call: 978-505-0077. We always have a staff member on call 7 days a week 24 hours a day to answer questions or fix anything that may not be working.
    2. Tent Rentals:If you are renting a tent that must be staked you will have to do the following. All septic tanks, propane lines, gas lines, electric lines, water lines, sewer lines or sprinkler lines must be marked out with white spray paint or flags at the time we install your tent. You will also need to email us a diagram 24 hours before installation to show where any lines or septic tanks may be. We will not be held responsible for any lines that are hit that were not marked out or placed in a diagram. Stakes are as long as 42 inches long. If the area has no tanks or lines then you will not be required to email us a diagram. It is recommended to have someone present with knowledge of any lines or septic systems that are in the ground. If threatening weather occurs, for the safety of all occupants, evacuation is recommended. Threatening weather includes snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, or winds that exceeds 38 miles per hour.
    3. Keep Equipment Dry:If you are renting tables and chairs please make sure they are always covered under a tent or put in a garage, shed, carport or any covered area.  Please note our delivery staff is not allowed to place any rental items in your home. Water from rain and sprinkler systems will cause chairs to rust, tables to warp and cause damage to other equipment. Our tables and chairs are not like patio furniture. Our delivery people will not leave tables and chairs outside in the open.
    4. Sprinkler Systems:Please make sure all sprinkler systems are off from the day we set up your tent until we remove your tent. Leaving them on will damage tables, chairs and other equipment. We cannot take any responsibility if we hit any sprinkler lines. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure all lines are marked with flags or spray paint before we start installation. The customer will be responsible for any repairs or repair costs if any sprinkler lines are hit with any tent stakes. Our staff cannot determine or see where any underground sprinkler lines run.
    5. If you have a dog:Please make sure all dogs are in the house while our staff is on your property. Also, please make sure any dog mess is cleaned up prior to our arrival for delivery and removal. Installers can decline to set up if there is any waste visible or in the way. A second delivery charge may apply if we must return to your property.
    6. Cutting your grass:If you plan on cutting the grass before your event please make sure it is cut the day before delivery. Please avoid cutting it the same day as fresh cut grass can stain our equipment. If your event is on a weekend, some tent installations start as early as Wednesday.
    7. Terms and Conditions:Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions prior to your rental if you haven’t read them already. Here is the link: They are also located as a link at the bottom of our website home page.
    8. If you are picking up rental items at our location:Please call 978-858-0250 30 minutes prior to pick up. Customer pick up is on Thursday or Friday and return is on Monday between 9:00-4:30pm. Please do not be late as our warehouse staff leaves at 4:30 PM. As a reminder, please call 30 minutes before pick up. Our staff is no longer allowed to load or unload vehicles. Please bring an additional person to help you load and unload your items into your vehicle. We will make sure your items are pulled and ready for you when you arrive! Our address is 36 Hillman Street, Unit 4 in Tewksbury, MA.
    9. Hours of Operation:We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00pm. If you have any questions or problems with your order after hours, please call the Emergency Phone Number at 978-505-0077. In the event something is not satisfactory or working during your possession of rental items, you must text the problem to the emergency line then call the Emergency Line 978-505-0077 with the problem. If you fail to do so, no refunds or compensation will be issued.
    10. Adding or reducing Rental Items:If you have already received a Rental Contract, all the rental items you have listed on your Rental Contract cannot be reduced at this time. Your rental items have been reserved since the time of booking. If you need to add any items, please call the office as soon as possible during business hours so we can check availability to see if they can be added. Please make sure you count all equipment (tables, chairs, etc.) when you receive it.
    11. Linen Rentals and Kwik Covers:Please check all table covering colors, sizes, and quantities on the day you receive them. If there are any issues please contact our emergency phone number at 978-505-0077. The sooner we are made aware of any issues, the sooner we can resolve them for you! We may be unable to honor refunds for unused coverings if they are incorrect and we are not contacted on the day you receive them. Please make sure that our linens are returned to us and are not mixed up with any rentals from other companies.
    12. Fire Pits:If you are renting a tent and have a fire pit you cannot use the fire pit within 200’ of the tent. Smoke and ashes will permanently damage the tent top. Propane heaters, pits and tables should not be used directly under the tent.
    13. Food Machines & Fans:  Food machines such as popcorn, cotton candy, snowie cone, pizza warmer, pretzel warmer, hot dog machine, frozen beverage, and any fans need electricity. Make sure any extension cord or outlet you use is 3 prong.  Each machine and fan all have 3 prong plugs. Do not ever break off the ground on the plug so it can fit your extension cord or outlet. If machines are returned with the ground missing, the replacement cost for a new plug is $75.00.It is recommended that each item we rent has its own dedicated 20 AMP circuit. Plugging more than one item into one outlet or circuit may cause it to not work properly or may damage our rental item. If you use an extension cord we can’t guarantee that the machine will work. If you have to use an extension cord it has to be a 12 gauge, 3 prong cord (16 Gauge Cords may not work). If you use an extension cord and the machine is not working properly you should eliminate the extension cord and plug directly into outlet. We do have 12 gauge extension cords available for rental. If your machine is not working properly, then try another outlet and give it a direct plug. If your machine is not working properly, the most common fault is incorrect wiring from your electrician.
    14. Placement of Rental Equipment: Once given direction by the customer or customer’s representative(s) and equipment is installed, moving items such as tents, dance floor, staging, tables, chairs, pipe, drape, or other rental equipment because the customer changes their mind on placement will not be allowed without additional fees. Please make sure customer or customer representative(s) know exactly where they would like the items to go. Additional fees for moving rental equipment will be the full cost of the rental equipment. Example: if rental cost of tent is $800.00 then the cost to move the tent would be $800.00.

    Thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you.

    Last Updated July 3, 2024


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